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World Whisky Day – A Visit to Starward!

Virtual Whisky Tasting

May 15, 2021
7:00pm - 9:00pm

It’s time for our next Delilah’s Whisky Tasting!  Once a week for the next few months, Delilah’s will be hosting a series of virtual Whisky tastings with some of our dearest Whisky industry friends.  We’ll be sampling some exciting new Whiskies, often rare Whiskies and in many cases extinct or even nonexistent Whiskies.  They have indeed been very educational and lots of fun so far!  If you would like to participate send an email to Mike@delilahschicago.com and we will arrange for your sample pickup or delivery.  A limited number of tasting kits will be available for each tasting so please sign up soon!

World Whisky Day – A Visit to Starward!   On Saturday, May 15th at 7pm CST join us on a journey across the globe for our World Whisky Day Celebration and a visit to the Starward Distillery in Melbourne, Australia.   We will be joined by David Vitale - the founder of Starward, as he leads us on a live virtual tour of his distillery on the other side of the planet!  We will be sampling five unique Single Cask Single Malt Whiskies that have been aged in a combination of variables including New Charred American Oak, New Charred French Oak and Barossa Valley Australian Wine Barriques.  We will then be experiencing the unprecedented opportunity to take a vote on the barrels and we as a group will be picking the barrel that will be chosen for a Delilah’s Starward Special Release – and everyone that participates in this event will have the opportunity to acquire a bottle from this event!  This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to barrel pick together in the unusual World of Whisky that we live in today.  The cost for this tasting is $85.
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