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Saturday Film

Ghost Game

October 12, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Ghost Game  (2006) 

 ‘Ghost Game’ is a new reality game show where 11 contestants vie for cash by trying to outlast each other while staying in an abandoned museum in Cambodia.  While the show’s producers felt they would liven things up with traps and “spooky effects”, their presence has in fact awoken the spirits of the past.  The building was formerly a Khmer Rouge prison camp where thousands were tortured and killed and spirits of these victims are none too happy about being disturbed.  Now the contestants will have to survive not just for the games’ prize money, but for their very lives!  

Directed by Sarawut Wichiensarn.  Starring: Pachornpol Jantieng, Kittilak Chulakrian & Wacharin Jinamulee. (100 mins).

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