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Delilah’s features more than 800 Whiskies representing 15 countries. We carry a wide range of American Whiskies covering all styles and eras of Bourbon, an array of Rye options and a comprehensive selection of American craft Whiskies. Our Scotch Whisky menu covers every region and style available from Scotland. We carry Whiskies from over 70 Scotch distilleries – including many single cask Whiskies from private bottlers, in addition to an exceptional selection of blends and vatted Whiskies.  Additionally, we carry Irish Whiskies from all three Irish distilleries, plus Whiskies from Canada, Japan, India, UK +++. Delilah’s also features our own bottlings of Bourbon, Rye and Scotch that are only available here at the bar. For our 20th Anniversary we launched a collaborative Whisky with Compass Box Whisky Company in London, aptly named Delilah’s, that is now available internationally.

Upcoming Whiskey Events
The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve
7:00pm - 9:00pm