The Juke Box that Rocks

  • $3 Chang Thai Lager, $3 Four Roses Bourbon
  • 6pm movie – Space Aliens, Giant Monsters – Target Earth! – Attack of the Monsters (1969) (88Ms) Directed by Noriaki Yuasa. Starring: Nobuhiro Kashima, Christopher Murphy, Miyuki Akiyama.
    One starry night three young star-gazing children see a UFO land in the woods nearby their house. After going to investigate, Akio and Tom (Kashima, Murphy) enter the ship only to be trapped when it takes off, leaving behind Akio’s sister Tomoko (Akiyama) to try and get help. As the boys are whisked away to a planet opposite to Earth on the far side of the Sun, the space travelers pretend to be friendly, but really intend to eat their young brains for sustenance. Gamera, sensing the danger, rushes to save the boys. But once there he must face his greatest foe – the deadly space monster Guiron. Can Gamera save the boys, and Earth from annihilation?!?