The Juke Box that Rocks

  • $3 Chang Thai Lager, $3 Four Roses Bourbon
  • 6pm movie – Wild Women – Wild Women of Wongo (1958) (73Ms) Dir. by James L. Wolcott.
    Starring: Jean Hawkshaw, Johnny Walsh, Mary Ann Webb, Adrienne Bourbeau.
    Thousands of years ago, in the murky distant past of mankind, on the remote tropical island of Wongo, a tribe of beautiful women pine for company. Meanwhile, on the nearby island of Goona, a tribe of handsome men also search for companionship. What keep these tribes apart are bands of ugly Neanderthal men and women (respectively) on each of their islands. Fate intervenes as a group from each tribe adventures out to explore. Will they manage to meet up, settle their differences and come together? You better hope so – for the future of mankind!