Psychobilly DJ Machetti

  • $2 PBR Longnecks, $2 Old Crow Reserve Bourbon
  • Wednesday, April 24th, 8pm – Mississippi River Distilling Company’s Rye
    obsession tasting. Delilah’s is pleased to be hosting Whiskey Week’s first
    ever tasting of MRDC White Rye, Cody Road Straight Rye Whiskey, MRDC Windmill
    Rye Whiskey and Cody Road Bourbon from the Mississippi River Distilling
    Company all together at the same time and from the perspective of the Rye
    grains. These Whiskies are crafted on the banks of the Mississippi River,
    two hours West of Chicago in LeClaire, Iowa. We’ll be joined by owner and
    distiller Ryan Burchett, who uses raw grain harvested by local farmers from
    Iowa and Illinois for his Whiskeys. Free to attend.
    + Upstairs at 8pm – We are hosting a Benriach and Glendronach Single
    Malt Scotch sampling. Over the last decade we have witnessed a dramatic shift
    in the Highland region – away from classic Whisky stylistics to a more
    experimental approach to casks and names. We will sample a selection of the
    interesting Single Malt Scotch expressions from Benriach and Glendronach and
    take a look at this changing face of Speyside. Free to attend.