Skate Punk Monday – Skate Punk DJ Wildcard

  • $1 Beer, $2 Jim Beam, Free Pool
  • Monday April 22nd, 7pm – We are hosting a visit and sampling from Koval -
    Chicago’s only boutique distillery. Owners Robert and Sonat will be on hand
    to taste out their Lion’s Pride Rye Whiskies – Rye Chicago White Whiskey,
    Light Rye & Dark Rye Whiskies – as well as their corresponding Bourbon and
    other Blended with Rye Whiskies and discuss their growing, local distillery.
    These Rye Whiskies are distilled from 100% Rye grain and are all single
    barrel whiskies and thus allow us to look at this changing American distillery
    scene. Free to attend.