The Juke Box that Rocks

  • $3 Chang Thai Lager, $3 Four Roses Bourbon
  • 6pm movie – Whoops, Apocalypse II – Warriors of the Wasteland (‘82) (92Ms) Dir. Enzio G. Castellari Starring : Fred Williamson, George Eastman, Timothy Brent, Ennio Girolami.
    It is the year 2019 and the world has been devastated by nuclear war. While groups of survivors, drawn by a radio beacon, attempt to reach a distant land in order to begin again, they are mercilessly attacked by the Templars. The Templars are led by One and their goal is to exterminate all life. Entering the fray are Scorpion and his friend Nadir (Williamson) who have to put aside their own differences to combat the evil Templars – and overcome their deep, dark secret.